Digital Transformation

Rapid speed of change, unprecedented pressure to innovate: How can we protect the existing core business and at the same time shape the uncertain future?


"The new is threatening to those who have mastered the old."

We start with you on the way to a learning
organization that strengthens self-management skills, enables new types of leadership and tries out New Work methods. An agile mindset makes it possible to deal with duality and ambiguity, to act plausibly and at the same time to think and act in different logic.

Digital Transformation

Transformation at all levels

  • Individual
    Mindset, competencies, mindfulness, "digital behavior", purpose, etc.

  • Organization
    Business models, strategy, organizational design, leadership, culture, change management, organizational development, HR management, customer focus, etc.

  • Methods and processes
    Agility, lean management, design thinking, prototyping

Challenges are an opportunity to radically rethink existing mindsets and to develop new ones together.

Ulrike Schmalzridt, BPO

BPO Consulting

Your companion in uncharted terrain

Many years of experience in organizational development and change management in combination with new models and simulations - this is how we design specific future fields of action for and with you.