Organizational Development and Change Management

Goal-oriented and effective change in


Perceiving the whole. Understanding. Shaping your future.

To make change processes positive and efficient, they are designed in a sustainable and holistic manner considering the three dimensions of strategy, structure and culture .

It is important not only to get the buy-in of the people with their values, attitudes, skills and strengths in an empowerment culture but also to consider and optimize structures, processes and communication channels. All of this must be designed in a future-oriented and sustainable manner; disruptive or in small steps.


Goals and approach

  • Strategy and inventing the future
  • Purpose
  • Vision and Mission
  • Agility and self-organization
  • Process optimization
  • Interface management
  • Communication structures

Challenges are an opportunity to radically rethink existing mindsets and to develop new ones together.

Ulrike Schmalzridt, BPO

Other goals

  • Flow of information
  • Meetings and meeting structure
  • Corporate culture
  • Values and purpose
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration in teams
  • Motivation