You want to deal with important topics in a group; get the best out of everyone; position yourself in terms of content. You suspect that the situation could get out of hand.


Why is facilitation important?

The intelligence, competence, and willingness of participants in a workshop will by no means guarantee a good result. If there were consensus, the meeting would probably not be necessary in the first place.

Real professionals can gauge that and know when to look for support. Because that saves everyone time and nerves and, needless to say, money for the organization.


What do we offer?

As facilitators, we properly clarify the purpose of the meeting, prepare appropriate materials and conditions, and provide useful strategies and methods for working on important issues.

We make sure that all ideas are heard and, if need be, we will put someone in their place. We help participants to stick to the subject and to filter out the essentials from a plethora of arguments.

We stand for a transparent process that leads to joint decisions which will be implemented.

“Thank you to the facilitator for letting us get on with it and jumping in at the right places. That really made it easier.”

Customer quote


What we do not do!

We do not facilitate workshops where the result is already known beforehand but the participants themselves are supposed to discover it: don’t waste your time.