Conflict management

Wherever people live and work together, conflicts arise. Including companies and organizations. Although conflicts occur constantly, they are stressful for those involved and for their environment.


We have a conflict - what to do?

Conflicts cannot be completely managed. However, disclosing one’s perceptions, needs and concerns and sharing thoughts on them help those involved to redefine the conflict or to solve it step by step.  For this we know beneficial attitudes and tried and trusted methods.

Conflict management

Mindset and methods

  • Taking everyone involved seriously in their perception of the situation
  • Using desired future scenarios as a starting and reference point
  • Naming what prevents or slows down the progress
  • Encouraging those involved to overcome obstacles and freeing up the blockages
  • Recognizing that there are inherent contradictions and conflicting interests in every organization
  • Supporting the people involved to deal with conflict in a constructive manner