Company succession

Are you planning to retire as an entrepreneur, business owner or freelancer? Or do you want to become someone’s successor?

Seneca quote

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

Most companies in Germany are family businesses and SMEs. Each year, there are about 100,000 successions. This can be very risky - a third of them fails.

The personality of the owner-employer decisively shapes the culture and the success of the organization. This task can be extremely attractive and inspiring, but can also quickly become an existential burden for everyone involved. The transition process and the feelings of everyone involved are of particular importance in the succession planning and implementation.

Succession planning

Frequent questions

  • When and under what circumstances do I want to leave? What should remain?
  • When and under what conditions do I want a successor? What do I want to reshape and create?
  • How can upcoming changes in the organization be initiated by the succession?
  • How do we organize the transition?
  • How do we negotiate the transition, even with conflicting interests involved?

Personal success, hopes and fears, individual commitment and questions of survival are rarely more concentrated in one topic than in the creation of the succession plan.

Helge Johannes Baudis, BPO


Preserving dignity

It is worth taking a closer look. With empathy and respect, increasing trust, sometimes perseverance and solid pragmatism, individual solutions can be found that make sense for everyone involved.