An engineering firm is repositioning itself strategically and wants to concentrate on its core competencies. Their situation with healthy order books is leading to rapid growth. The senior management needs urgent relief and support to maintain a high quality level in the face of heavy time and cost pressure.


A holistic company development concept includes the development of a mission statement and strategic goals. This goes hand in hand with the development and training of managers who have to reinvent and build up their teams. The senior management regularly retreats to off-site meetings to reflect on progress at all company levels, to identify new strategic fields of action, and to identify current need for action in good time. At annual strategy meetings, all the company’s executives, together with senior management, take important decisions to develop the company further and discuss key issues.

We want to do more together. And we are making really good progress.

Managing Director


Despite an acute shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry, the company is enjoying increased order books and solid staffing levels. In addition to ambitious construction projects, the goal is to have a place among the best employers in the region.