Vocational schools are affected by the decline in skilled trades. As a result, the schools are forced to merge and restructure their organization. At the same time, they need to sharpen their profile and ensure excellent teaching quality continuously.


Two schools faced a merger. In workshops, the management teams of the merging schools worked on their core values, the quality criteria and the strategic development direction of the future school.

With the aim of involving the teachers impacted by the changes, future-scenario groups were formed. They dealt with core topics of the future school and developed appropriate solutions. In that way, the growing together and identification with the new school began at a very early stage.

It was necessary to restructure the departments. This was implemented with the participation of the school's internal committees, the school management team and representatives of all departments. Goals, responsibilities, processes and meeting structures were defined and agreed upon.


Thank you for your refreshing, constructive and competent support for our major change process.

School Management


The school has developed a very good image. Management and staff are pleased with the high number of students enrolled and successful educational achievements. Feedback processes have been installed. Teaching staff and school management are committed to continuously improving the teaching quality and processes.