Process Consulting

The right fit approach


A care provider working under tight conditions wants to identify new key business drivers at an early stage. In other words: to predict the future.



The annual conference with all 70 executives with a themed and input course of 18 stations, resource-gossip and open space sequence is designed by BPO. Subsequently, subject-specific facilitation trainings are carried out.

With this preparation, internal moderators conduct workshops using a Future Radar design, in which employees from all parts of the organization contribute and shape future developments at an early stage.

We have had other consultants over the years. But they did not have the high level of competence and willingness to make significant corrections during an ongoing process.

Managing Director


The organization has an established early warning system and can adapt to new developments in good time.

We are called in to consult when novel problems arise and the solutions are not obvious. We do not come with ready-made solutions, but we develop something with the right fit, time and again.