After the restructuring of a department at the headquarters of a company, responsibilities have changed. The trend is to move away from central global responsibilities and requirements, towards taking care of the diverse needs of regional markets. New processes have to be established; new thinking and a distinctive service orientation must be initiated.


The global management team consists of 5 team leaders, 3 of whom are based abroad. Their teams consist of around 35 employees.

In workshops and off-site meetings we focused on:

  • The management team growing closer together
  • Consolidation in the entire team
  • Future-lab workshop
  • Leadership effectiveness and transformational leadership
  • Simulation change factory
  • Leadership agility


This was a highlight! Structured and we worked so well together!

Managing Director


At the end of this intensive process, the participants said goodbye to each other. Tears rolled down a manager's cheeks when he thanked the head of department for the opportunities and personal learning and development. It was a special privilege for me to accompany them on their journey.